Alejandro's Filipino Resto

Looking for a great filipino dish at affordable prices? We just went to Alejandro's Filipino Resto for our blogging event. It is located at Don Jose Avila Street in Capitol Site, Cebu City.

“Alejandro's Filipino Resto is the Home of the Best Crispy Pata in Town! We boast of our mouth-watering CRISPY PATA that is crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and has a delectable taste like no other.”

The above quote is their advertisement whenever they promote the place. and its true, they serve a great treat for a cheaper price, Pochero, Calamares, Gambas, Chicken, Garlic Rice and so many.

To those who want to know more about the delicacies and treats available at this Cebu restaurant, they are encouraged to see this site, Inquiries and reservations can be done by contacting the dining places management at (032)-253-7921.


After a delicious dinner at my friend's baby party, me and my friends went to Mango Avenue to see if where we could shout and enjoy the rest of the evening... We found a new area besides mango mall, a new gimik ktv. It is very different from the old one that is besides autoshop, It has a room for a disco with free videoke. They also have other rooms for exclusive videoke and drinking sessions that is 100 php per hour, the room is so little and i think the maximum capacity for it is up to 6persons only(old gimik has 15 capacity). prices for drinks and food are still the same... from 50 php to 300 php.

Pajama Party at Autoshop Resto Bar

Autoshop is not new to me and I love the bar for their cool and fashionably mixed music. There are many people who go to Autoshop because of the ambiance and the cool people. You can actually see lots of bouncers roaming around so you will definitely feel safe in the area.

This Saturday, May 29, 2010, Autoshop Resto Bar will be celebrating a 'PAJAMA PARTY'!!! Everyone who will be at their pajamas on this day will get a free entrance to the said place and will enjoy and dance with the cool music and will get to know great people.

So what are you waiting for, let's enjoy LIFE and let the PARTY BEGIN!

KIATAN Birthday Celebration

November 29, Saturday

Cebu Night life!! Me and luvy invited Orville and Rabsin for my advance birthday celebration in Brews Point! I dont know if it was because of the over excitement on my birthday or it was because of disappointment after watching Christmas Carol. It was a total boring!! Well, whatever it is, i just want to chill and zip some alcohol that time.
So anyway, back in brews point, the live band was great, we ate 2 servings of sisig and ordered a bottle of tiquilla. chatting and chatting until we decided to went to numero doce to try their blizzard. it tasted as if you were chewing a bubble gum, its a mixed drink with brandy plus ice and its easy to make at home, really good. Per rabsin's blog, it blew his mind away! hahahaahahha.

After dancing, we headed to casanova and ordered redhorse to chill.

When everybody was drunk (a big problem) i invited them to have some hot choco in jollibee mango. weeeeeee that was about five o'clock in the morning!!

December 10, 2009 Thursday,

My birthday!!!

I had a treat to my family in Moon Cafe at The Walk. Blessing in disguise that we changed our duty schedule for the webinar in seomoz (seo tool).

I also had an icecream treat to my officemates!

What a blast!!!