Black Bat Cigarette

Black Bat Cigarette are slowly becoming famous in Cebu's Night Life. It was a black covered cigar with devils impression. Most teenagers testified that they really taste and smells good. I am not into cigarettes because just the smell of it kills me. But because of my curiosity, i really want to have one. heheheeh. So One night, I with my friends went to Mango Ave. (where you could find most resto bars, night clubs and disco) to have some taste with that cigar. I bought it by Php 90/pack or 5 pesos each and share it to everyone.

the taste? just like an ordinary cigarette. blaahh! gross. From there i know that black bat cigar smells only good if your not the one puffing it. maybe its the smoke that spreads through the air, well, i dont know how i would explain it but when i tasted it , i did not smell anything nor tasted different.

School questioned if black bat cigarette contains marijuana. As of now, i never had answers whether its positive or not. One thing is for sure, cigarette really kills.