KIATAN Birthday Celebration

November 29, Saturday

Cebu Night life!! Me and luvy invited Orville and Rabsin for my advance birthday celebration in Brews Point! I dont know if it was because of the over excitement on my birthday or it was because of disappointment after watching Christmas Carol. It was a total boring!! Well, whatever it is, i just want to chill and zip some alcohol that time.
So anyway, back in brews point, the live band was great, we ate 2 servings of sisig and ordered a bottle of tiquilla. chatting and chatting until we decided to went to numero doce to try their blizzard. it tasted as if you were chewing a bubble gum, its a mixed drink with brandy plus ice and its easy to make at home, really good. Per rabsin's blog, it blew his mind away! hahahaahahha.

After dancing, we headed to casanova and ordered redhorse to chill.

When everybody was drunk (a big problem) i invited them to have some hot choco in jollibee mango. weeeeeee that was about five o'clock in the morning!!

December 10, 2009 Thursday,

My birthday!!!

I had a treat to my family in Moon Cafe at The Walk. Blessing in disguise that we changed our duty schedule for the webinar in seomoz (seo tool).

I also had an icecream treat to my officemates!

What a blast!!!

Black Bat Cigarette

Black Bat Cigarette are slowly becoming famous in Cebu's Night Life. It was a black covered cigar with devils impression. Most teenagers testified that they really taste and smells good. I am not into cigarettes because just the smell of it kills me. But because of my curiosity, i really want to have one. heheheeh. So One night, I with my friends went to Mango Ave. (where you could find most resto bars, night clubs and disco) to have some taste with that cigar. I bought it by Php 90/pack or 5 pesos each and share it to everyone.

the taste? just like an ordinary cigarette. blaahh! gross. From there i know that black bat cigar smells only good if your not the one puffing it. maybe its the smoke that spreads through the air, well, i dont know how i would explain it but when i tasted it , i did not smell anything nor tasted different.

School questioned if black bat cigarette contains marijuana. As of now, i never had answers whether its positive or not. One thing is for sure, cigarette really kills.

Rainbow Karaoke Bar

BOT had a meeting last saturday, meeting adjourned 8pm so we decided to ate dinner in ayala food choice. After eating, atty treated us to a karaoke bar. We went to Rainbow Family KTV. It is located in 479 Archbishop Reyes Avenue across BIR and Barrio Luz.

According to their manager Raul P. Dalisay, The price of the room for one hour is 300. but it may vary depending on its size. they offer almost every kind of liquor and foods.

Excitedly, we study the place and they have the best and latest innovations system not to mention the 21 centralized air-conditioned rooms. In fairness, they are equipped with the latest audio/video, ultra-thin LED automatic Full HD T.V. but eventhough they had comfortable setting for your perfect get together they dont seems to have good microphones. You can even hear other rooms activities.

Promotion includes:

4=1 set of beer

15%off b-day/debut

10%student – this promo is crashed out, maybe they feel that more customers are students. eheheh

30min free after total number of hours sun and thurs – they also crashed this out because as i have noticed, since most of their customers are korean and they tend to have a karaoke almost 6 hours. tsk..tsk.. not a good idea to have a free 30mins free.


Want to know what is my favorite cocktail Drink?

Its very popular in Cebu. Aside from its very simple and easy to make, it encourages me to experiment different kinds of flavor. Kamikaze recipe was created in Japan and was named after the legendary Kamikaze pilots of World War II.

Kamikaze drinks are vodka cocktail drinks. Kamikaze drinks also contain triple sec, which is an orange flavored liqueur. Some recommended brands of triple sec are Bols and DeKuyper. A suitable substitute if triple sec isn't available is Curacao. Try a Kamikaze drink with the authentic recommended ingredients before you judge if you enjoy Kamikaze drinks, though.

From my source, hubpages... Heres how to make a Kamikaze drink:
Add equal parts vodka, lime juice, and triple sec to a cocktail shaker that is filled at least halfway with ice. Shake your Kamikaze drink vigorously for at least 20 seconds to be sure that the drink ingredients are chilled well. If you don't own a cocktail shaker, just pour all of the ingredients into a large glass or pitcher that can be covered tightly and use it to shake up your Kamikaze drink recipe.

Strain the Kamikaze drink into an old-fashioned glass. The traditional garnish for a Kamikaze recipe is a slice of lime. A maraschino cherry can be used for a garnish, if desired.



Juliana is one of the hottest night clubs in cebu. it opens everynight at Mango Square, just a walk away from Fuente Rotonda. You will never be dissapointed with what nightlife in cebu has to offer, the music is mainly pop, it is updated that you would surely love the fun! The prices of drinks and food are reasonable. entrance is only php100.00

Its the best place hanging around with friends, finding new love interest and meeting new friends.

Let's Get Tipsy!!!

weeeeeeeeee... this is an experiment blog. This will tackle everything about cebu's nightlife activities, famous drinks, videoke bars and a lot more.

enjoy reading!!