Rainbow Karaoke Bar

BOT had a meeting last saturday, meeting adjourned 8pm so we decided to ate dinner in ayala food choice. After eating, atty treated us to a karaoke bar. We went to Rainbow Family KTV. It is located in 479 Archbishop Reyes Avenue across BIR and Barrio Luz.

According to their manager Raul P. Dalisay, The price of the room for one hour is 300. but it may vary depending on its size. they offer almost every kind of liquor and foods.

Excitedly, we study the place and they have the best and latest innovations system not to mention the 21 centralized air-conditioned rooms. In fairness, they are equipped with the latest audio/video, ultra-thin LED automatic Full HD T.V. but eventhough they had comfortable setting for your perfect get together they dont seems to have good microphones. You can even hear other rooms activities.

Promotion includes:

4=1 set of beer

15%off b-day/debut

10%student – this promo is crashed out, maybe they feel that more customers are students. eheheh

30min free after total number of hours sun and thurs – they also crashed this out because as i have noticed, since most of their customers are korean and they tend to have a karaoke almost 6 hours. tsk..tsk.. not a good idea to have a free 30mins free.


  1. This is a good place to have fun. Looks like these folks are really enjoying themselves. Karaoke seems to be a big thing in the Philippines.

  2. maganda ang place at masarap ang foods. Ang system nila bilog na bilog ang sounds para kang nasa sinehan.

  3. hoy butangi pd ni og number oi..

  4. wEeeeeEE ..
    taGpiLA man fud ang gurLS??
    aSk Lng huh?

  5. This place is nice and affordable ang rates nila...

  6. Philippines people like to sing karaoke songs. On website singbre.com you can find a lot of phili people...:)

  7. kita ko ni mon dha dapita ng tagay...nyahaha